"Although not having experienced any problems with theft as a company we feel secure with the service of ez Remote Backup knowing that our files are safe. With daily reporting we can leave it all up to ez Remote Backup and go home at night to know that it is all done for us. As easy as that."

E. Pietersen, CFO Pharma 777 Inc., Marketing bureau


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The Backup Process  The Backup Process

ez Remote Mailscan

1. Any file

From Office documents like Word, Excel, Access, foto's etc, to Exchange and SQL databases, ez Remote Backup creates trustworthy backups of any file type.

2. ez Remote Backup Client

The client can be installed on any server, desktop or laptop within 5 minutes. Be it Windows, Linux or Mac. Just enter your account information, what data you want to backup and when to backup it. set and forget.

3. Internet

When data is being transfered, we check if we need to send the complete file, or if an older version is available in the datacenter, we will only send the changed piece, making the data to be transfered as small as possible. And just before we send it, data gets encrypted and compressed so it travels the internet safely.

4. ez Remote Backup Server

All files are stored encrypted. Nobody but you can view your files on our servers, even we can't. You can browse or download your backupped files through a user-friendly webinterface after you provided your encryption key. You can do the same thing within the client on the computer as well.

5. Disaster Recovery

When you experience a disaster, like fire, theft, or hardware problem, you do not need to download everything, ez Networking can copy all your encrypted content on a portable disk and send it to you. Via express courier or with a recovery engineer who can restore all your data on-site using the ez Remote Backup Client after you provide the encryption key.