• “Day zero” virusprevention deletes suspected spam.
  • Spyware/adware detection minimises risk of malisious code.
  • Improved content filtering
  • Email-firewall technology, directory harvesting and protection against other email threats
  • Policy based filtering via LDAP connections
  • Symantec BrightMail AntiSpam technology, scoring 97% on spam detection while only
  • 1 false positive on 1 billion scanned email messages
  • Receives updates every 5-10 minutes from the worldwide stratecicly placed BLOC centers
  • making sure it uses the most effective real-time protection agains new spamtechniques and email patterns.

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100 mailboxes

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Remote Mailscan: How does it work?  Remote Mailscan: How does it work?

Eradicate spam

ez Remote Mailscan

1. Threat signatures

Dummy mailboxes all over the world are setup to receive as much spam as possible. Spam structure and technology is refined from those messages and turned in to signatures to enable detection on our ez Remote MailScan Servers.

2. Email is received on the ez Remote Mailscan Servers

Email for our customers is directed to one of our ez Remote MailScan server based on the MX records for that domain. Our servers are spread over multiple datacenters in different parts of the country to maintain a high level of redundancy and high availability.

3. SPAM- and virusdetection

Every 5 minutes, our ez Remote MailScan servers receive the most recent anti spam and anti viral signatures. The emails pass through several filters before they get passed on the the email servers of the customer. The ones that are clearly spam get deleted, others get quarantined.

4. Customer receives the email

Now the email is freed from spam and virusses, it will be deliverd to the customers mail server(s). This connection is secured so malicious senders cannot send email directly to our customer.


ez Remote MailScan uses “best-of-breed” antispam, antivirus and content filtering. Our solution is driven by renowned technologies like Symantec BrightMail AntiSpam, Symantec AntiVirus and Juniper threat handling. 97% spamdetection-efficienty and the lowest false-positive score available (99,9999%). The Probe Network uses hundreds of thousands mailboxes where the existance is ennounced on spam infested internet locations like newsgroups, fora, blogs etc., to catch as many spam messages as possible. These messages get checked in the BLOC BrightMail Logistics and Operater Centers in the US, Ireland, Australia and Taiwan. 24/7, mails are scanned and reverse enginered by experts and signatures are created and distributed as an update. Counting all BLOC’s together, email is checked in 12 languages including; English, Dutch, French, German and Chinese. therefore, included spam images or other tactics get no chance passing through.