• 99% spamdetection, 99,9999% accuracy
  • Protects more then 800 million mailboxes
  • Filters more then 15% of worldwide emails sent and over 100 bilion messages a month
  • Automatic, periodic, secure updates each 5-10 min via worldwide centers (US, Ierland, Australië en Taiwan).

The setup of ez Remote Mailscan is free.

25 mailboxes

€ 100


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50 mailboxes

€ 150


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100 mailboxes

€ 250


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"Since using ez Remote MailScan our employees do not get confronted by spam anymore, And even more important, due to the intelligent filtering technology, they do not need to monitor a quarantine."

T. Cuylaerts, President nv, Webarchitects

 ez Remote MailScan ez Remote MailScan


Eat more spam

By using renowned technology of Symantec and Juniper, and supported by Symantec's Global Intelligence Network, connection throttling using both global and self-learning local IP reputation, and minute to minute antispam and antivirus updates


Unlike many other engines, ez Remote MailScan employs over 20 different antispam technologies. The technology delivers a critical false positive rate of less than one in a million, making it one of the industry’s most accurate solutions. Making sure you receive every email that counts.


Low IT cost

Automatic and continuous updates and the award-winning technologies are so good, we do not even need a quarantine. So your IT personel do not need to go and look for that al so important email in the quarantine that would close this huge deal. After all these years, we don't even use a quatantine anymore

Clear Connection

ez Remote MailScan removes spam in our datacneters, so your internet connection will only carry the filtered email. This could be as low as 1% of what got transferred before.