• 24/24 real time monitoring
  • Proactive monitoring to find issues before being problematic. Reducing downtime and production losses.
  • Prevents high intervention costs and inactive employees.
  • Reduce costs on maintenance
  • Prevent costly system restores 
  • Prevent lost profit

€100 Setup cost.

20 Sensors

€ 100


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50 Sensors

€ 200


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Management Login

€ 75


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 ez Remote Monitoring ez Remote Monitoring




One of the critical parameters of any server is free disk space. ez Remote Monitoring checks for available disk space. If it drops under a set treshold, it sends an email message and/or a text message to an engineer who can free up some space or expand the storage array


Recent Internetthreats can make your email server a target for spam, virus and dDOS attacks. ez Remote Monitoring can check if the emailflow is normal or if the server is suffering from a threat.



Your company's business website needs to be accessable 24/7 for information or transactions. ez Remote Monitoring can check this by simulating a purchase or download a document.

Power outage

Your office experiences a power outage during the weekend. ez Remote Monitoring can detect this and can notify an engineer who can take the necessary steps. No more surprises monday morning..


Your company uses vital connectivity to a branch or headquarters via VPN, BiLAN, Leased Lines or private xDSL lines. ez Remote Monitoring can monitor these lines and see if they are available and if computers in the remote network are accessible.


ez Remote Monitoring features a comprehensive scripting engine to make custom build sensor types.